Remembering Jesus When It Matters Most

At the end of big moments, the main things become the main things. I remember my last night of college and it was a memorable night with my closest friends. Words were shared that were fuel for our souls. Rehearsal dinners, funerals, and many others! It’s in these moments that we see what is most important to us. How often is God praised, man exhorted, and Jesus remembered in big moments? Paul knew this.

When Paul wrote 2 Timothy he was at the end of his life. He saw the finish line and he wanted to make one last exhortation to young Timothy in hopes that the next generation would have what it takes to withstand the culture of the “coming days”. As a father now, I think a lot about big moments for my children. What do I want them to look back on and look forward to? How is God’s Word shaping the way I do this?

2 Timothy is Paul’s last words commanding how we can leave a legacy that endures and equips. In the context of what was happening in Ephesus at the time, Paul was watching a beacon church dwindle as culture attacked Christianity. Nero was in power and persecution was ripe throughout Jerusalem and the Roman world. Paul wanted this young man to know that in the big moments let the main things be the main things. I wonder if we listed out the values that we held near and dear to our families what would they be? I also wonder if those values would be reflected in the fires of stress, or loss, or even success. What I do know is that God was clear when he said through Paul:

Remember Jesus Christ, risen from the dead, offspring of David, as preached in my gospel, for which I am bound with chains as a criminal. But the Word of God is not bound! – 2 Timothy 2:8-10

God was crystal clear of where we place our gaze and why we find rest there. Over the next few posts we will explore deeper beauty of these verse sand why all of us can find rest in those first three words: Remember Jesus Christ.  But for today, my hope is that the simplicity of God’s Word slowly builds a confidence in you.

In His Grace,
Garrett, Co-Founder of Explore Sola