About The Founders

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Garrett Perkins

Garrett believes deeply in the power of Scripture and for others to discover Jesus more personally by listening to just His voice. He originally had the idea of Sola from seeing so much content written about the Bible but few pieces of content that were just the Bible.  His life has been changed and his hope is that others can experience the same joy. Garrett believes that you don't need a theology degree to fall in love with the things of God, as said by God himself. The simplicity yet richness of scripture should be enough and Garrett has committed his life to this conviction. He lives in Fayetteville AR with his wife Emmy  Jo and three kids, Hadley Jo, Ryker and Banner.

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Zac Morgan

Mainly behind the scenes, Zac helped develop Sola with Garrett and does much of the technical work to keep it running. He shares in the passion for people to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus and understand, for themselves, who He is through His Word. God has transformed Zac's life through His words. He desires to help people engage with scripture and grow in their walk with the Jesus without being overwhelmed or discouraged. He lives in Fayetteville, AR with his wife, Hannah, and baby boy, Arno.