Why Sola?

The Bible is not only a beautiful piece of literature but God’s very words for the good of His people. We need it to know Him, yet the Bible can often be intimidating to read through.

That's where Sola comes in... Sola allows you to discover God’s Truth through thoughtfully curated verses on themes woven throughout Scripture.

Time with a Sola Journal is time with God through His Word, not an exercise in filling in blanks. Rather than feeling pressure to complete an assignment, Sola provides an opportunity to listen, process, and hear God's voice.

Sola adds no commentary or explanation—solely Scripture. Sola was birthed in part out of our frustration with popular studies whose focus wasn't the words of the Bible but the words of the commentator. In letting the Bible speak for itself, Sola gives you space to draw your own conclusions about what God has to say.

We believe that the Word of God alone is enough for us to discover all He has for us. That's why we created Sola Journals.