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The Complete Set (Grace, Peace & Water)


  • Overwhelmed by reading & understanding the Bible?

  • Simplifying & maximizing your quiet time.

Discover 3 significant themes throughout God’s Word with The Complete Set of Sola Journals. Gain a deeper understanding of God through these reminders of what He says about Grace, Peace, and Water throughout the Bible!

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"Rediscovered Scripture, 1 verse at a time"

"I was trying to figure out ways to rediscover my thirst for Scripture because I knew it was something my soul needed. The Sola Journal helped me pause and just take things one verse at a time. I started to relearn and fall in love with Scripture."

—Brian W. (Customer since 2020)

"Connect with the Lord"

"I love noticing the patterns and themes in Scripture through the way the journal is structured, and it truly has been one of my favorite ways to connect with the Lord and be reminded of Truth."

—Cassy D. (Customer since 2021)

"No extra commentary, just God & Me"

"For study of the Scripture, there is no greater authority than Scripture itself. I love that this study is between God and me without any extra commentary."

—Josh C. (Customer since 2021)

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