Discover God Through Scripture Alone

no commentary, no noise, no rules

Just the Word of God



  • A "fall behind" free Bible study
  • Scripture arranged to help reveal consistent truths from God
  • Artfully arranged Bible verses
  • Contains lines and open space
  • Write, doodle, underline, and reflect on His words alone


Are the words of Lord all we need to know His heart?

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What you believe about grace shapes the way you think about God, the Bible, and others. So, what if your picture of grace was incomplete?


Peace, or shalom, is what marked God’s perfect creation before sin entered the world. How do we return, and experience peace in our lives today?

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“I loved spending time in a study that was about discovering God straight from His Word. I wasn’t trying to cram information, I was allowing Scripture to transform me.”

– Audrey H.

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The Sola Mission

Our aim is to create curated experiences that let God speak to you directly through His Word. We believe when you remove the noise and leave space for reflection, people will discover for themselves the Truth of Scripture.

No noise, just His voice.